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aqa psychology unit 1 model essay answers

Unit 1 For AS & A level

This ebook covers your unit 1 exam for AS and A level psychology with model essay answers for every question.

aqa psychology unit 2 model essay answers

Unit 2 For AS & A level

This ebook covers your unit 2 exam for AS and A level psychology with model essay answers for every question.

aqa psychology unit 3 aggression model essay answers 7182

Aggression Model Essays For Unit 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering unit 3 Aggression For A level psychology students. A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

aqa psychology unit 3 Schizophrenia model essay answers 7182

Schizophrenia Model Essays For Unit 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering unit 3 Schizophrenia For A level psychology students. A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

aqa psychology relationships model essay answers

Relationship Model Essays For Paper 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering Relationships For Paper 3 - A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

Saj Devshi

Saj Devshi


A list of all the most frequently asked questions I get is below in this FAQ section – I’m pretty confident you will find your answer here so please check this before emailing me!

If you do continue to have trouble then my email is located at the top of this website across all the pages.

If you want to be super awesome why not subscribe to my Youtube channel, Follow me on Twitter or LIKE my Facebook page so we can stay in touch too?

I'm a teacher looking to share your resources in class - is that ok?

I’m happy for teachers to share my resources under the condition that you place a hyperlink back to Loopa psychology on your subject page – here’s an example from one school:

frequently asked questions

Got any revision tips or advice for me?

Yes and its all covered in this video and post I made here: How to revise for psychology effectively.

Its also on the resources page here.

This covers the new AQA psychology specification.

Are the books physical or eBooks? Do I get anything through the post?

The books are all Ebooks which you download. They become available to download as PDF files which you can then view and print to make them into physical copies. Upon checkout they become instantly available for you to view under My Accounts>Downloads.

– Why are they not physical copies? 

Cost and time is the main reason – The price would need to be raised by about 3 times as much for printing and delivery and this would make the books unaffordable for many students. These books were made to help students no matter your financial situation and making them downloadable ebooks makes this possible. Also it means students can use the books instantly after purchase and print them too if need be without waiting for delivery.

I've purchased resources - How do I download them?

Simply login to your account by clicking “My Account” and enter your login details you created during purchase – Your email address will work as your username and your password is whatever you entered during checkout. Once logged in click on “My Accounts” and then “Downloads”.

If for some reason you’re having problems in accessing your purchased ebooks – don’t panic! I’m never far! Email me on my personal email here: and I will investigate and have it sorted for you – I promise.

I Need Help! I've Read All This & I'm Still Stuck!

No problem! – Although I work full-time I try and answer my emails within 24 hours. Usually I answer most in 2 hours or less but if its a complex query it takes me a bit more time until I get home to get access to my laptop to sort it out. Don’t Worry – I’m an honest bloke and if there is something wrong, rest assured I will fix it. You have my word. 

Contact me here: sajdevshi (AT)

Iv paid via paypal or secure card payment but can't see my order under "My Account>Downlaods"?

If you’ve opted to pay using an e-cheque using paypal then your order will take about 5-7 days to clear. Oddly you may not realise whether you have paid by ECheque or not as paypal won’t tell you on your end as a buyer but merely on my end that an Echeque has come through. I will always try email yourself to ask whether you’re happy to wait this long.

If you dont want to wait that long contact myself on and you can re-order using another method thats instant (credit or debit card instead) – I can cancel your echeque order or if I’m unable to cancel it i’ll simply refund it back to you once it arrives on my end, that’s not a problem.

If your purchase wasn’t using an e-cheque and you still can’t see your order, drop me an email – Sometimes the paypal website struggles to send my website the transaction details and I have to manually override it. This happened for a few days due to paypal being slow but appears to have been fixed now – however you never know when it may occur again. Don’t worry though – I track all my buyers and usually can sort this out within 2 hours.

Can I share these resources? With friends or classmates?

Unfortunately absolutely no. This book is for your individual use only and must not be shared, copied, uploaded or distributed for commercial profit or to other people without owners consent which is not given. This book is subject to copyright protection under UK and international law and is the intellectual property of Loopa. You purchasing any of the materials or books on this website signifies that you understand and accept these conditions of purchase and liability for any illegal distribution that occurs.

In short – its only for your personal use only and no one else.

I have questions about a researcher/study/element within your book or I have noticed a possible mistake? What do I do?

You can email me on to report any potential errors. The book has been reviewed however on the off chance you feel you’ve spotted a mistake send me an email and I will review it – Sometimes slight errors slip through!

I periodically release free updates with corrections that are automatically reflected in your Loopa account – you simply then redownload the ebook with the updated version.

This is one of the advantages of downloadable resources over physical copies as even the major textbooks have errors, sometimes they are major errors that slip through printing and obviously cannot be corrected – where as mine can for free! =)

Can I send you essays to mark? Or give feedback on?

NO! sorry! I would love to mark every essay I get but after the popularity of Loopa has increased, I get emails asking this almost on a daily basis and I struggle to cope. I work a day job, am married and am a father and use what little time I have on this blog to help students so unfortunately no! The best way to check if your essays are any good is to purchase my own model essays and cross-compare against them. They show you exactly what standard is required to achieve an A* grade and hit the top bands.

Are there free resources? How can I access them?

YES! Loads! the books I sell are just to help in addition to your studies and help pay for this website as well as towards a local charity here which is the exam centre I sat my exams at. All money generated goes back into the website and providing more free resources. Theres loads and I am constantly updating the website adding more. You can get the latest revision notes here. (new spec)


Why do you ask for our address details when paying if the books are instant downloads?

Initially I did want to disable that element to make the checkout/buying experience easier however it has proven incredibly useful in helping customers. Sometimes customers struggle to navigate the website or download their books and having more than one way of contacting yourself (such as a phone number) has allowed me to ring you guys and talk you through it – also its much more personal and helpful than reading it in an email particularly when customers are struggling. Sometimes the emails I send you giving you instructions or information as well as resources gets flagged as spam and you never get it – there’s nothing worse than waiting for something – I’m a very impatient person myself and I don’t like to keep other people waiting either purely because it’s one of my own gripes. So having more than one way of contacting yourself is really useful.

Also just to add – your details are NEVER shared with anyone. They simply get stored on my website and allow me to contact yourself with more resources for AQA Psychology – that’s all.


Why is there an expiry date on my resources in my account?

Purchases and accounts usually stay active for between 12 months to 24 months. This should give students/teachers plenty of time to download and use the resources for their course. The accounts cannot remain indefinitely active as we need to free up server space as the site continues to grow so after a period of up to 2 years from purchase – we delete Loopa accounts so we can keep the website running efficiently and at speed.

If your resources are deactivated before the 2 years are up for some reason – no problem – just email me and i’ll fix it.

My account says my order/download has expired? What is this?

If your order has expired sooner than it should have (read above regarding account time limits)- simply email me and I’ll look to get this fixed. Email me your order number and email address as well as your name/address details the account is under – this should make finding and activating your order again easier.

Do AQA mark you down for using your resources?

NO – just like they do not mark the thousands of students that all use the SAME textbook to source their information from.

Loopa is a resource like anything else out there and you do not get marked down in any way for using any resources from here.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are only granted if the resources have not been downloaded – The website tracks all user accounts and activity so this can be verified. Provided this is the case – I’m happy to refund any purchases however as the resources are digital it is important you check you are studying the AQA exam board before making purchases- You can check this by asking your teacher or checking with your school. If you are a home-learner you will probably know your exam board but can confirm this from the private centre you are sitting the exam at.

If you have downloaded the resources then we cannot grant a refund.

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