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Saj Devshi ( aka Loopa )

Saj Devshi ( aka Loopa )

Psychology Jedi

You’re here probably because your looking for revision help for an AQA psychology A Level exam you’re going to be taking right? Either that or you’re a teacher looking for materials for your students for 2016/17 and the new AQA psychology specification?You’re at the right place and I can help. My names Saj Devshi and I created Loopa Psychology; a website dedicated to providing the best revision resources to support students and teachers for AS and A level psychology for AQA (A) students. Who am I? I’m a former self-taught A level psychology student turned revision guru who achieved among the highest grade in the country (A* and 373/400 UMS which was in the top 2% in the country). Since doing so well I created Loopa psychology and wrote popular model essay answer revision ebooks that students and teachers have been using to also achieve some of the highest grades imaginable too. Since 2012 I have helped literally thousands of students and teachers achieve phenomenal grades! Scroll down and check the pictures/tweets/messages I get every year from A level psychology students and teachers who now use my resources to smash their exams.

You’re Studying A Level Psychology? Fantastic! You’ve Come To The Right Place ! 

I’ve helped literally thousands of students and teachers like you smash the A level psychology exams! I’m pretty confident I can make A level psychology easier for you whether you’re studying it or teaching it. On Loopa psychology, you will find the best resources available for the AQA A level psychology specification, this includes both the old spec and the new spec that was rolled out in September 2015. My goal is to help you achieve nothing less than your best and to do that – you need the best resources available. That’s where I come in.

Covering Unit 1 For AS & A level

Covering Unit 2 For AS & A level

Covering Unit 3 For A level 
aqa a psychology revision

2016/2017 Students

Thousands of students are using Loopa to study A level psychology just like you.
a level psychology aqa

Brad Messaged Me & Said:

“I just aced my exam because of your model essays”
as psychology revision

This Is How You Get An A* Grade.

Creating A* psychology students since 2013. Emma smashed it.
aqa psychology 7181 7182

Georgia Smashed Her Exam's Too..

After smashing her A level psychology exams using my resources, Georgia sent this in! That’s a lot of colouring in!
unit 1 unit 2 unit 3 aqa psychology

Saira did pretty well too..

A* in the last exam window for Saira. Someone forgot to tell the Loopa students psychology was meant to be hard! :)
How to revise A level psychology

A-A* grades from last year

Phenomenal grades achieved last year.
7181 7182 revision

Merlin Did The Impossible

Apart from having possibly the coolest name ever, Merlin resat his E grade to score an A* this year using Loopa resources!
as psychology aqa

Every Question Covered With Model Essay Answers

The resources on Loopa aim to give you A* grade model essay answers covering every possible question for their respective exams.
aqa a psychology 7181 7182

Dont forget Amy! She got an A recently too!

Amy smashed the exams using my model essay answers. It’s not impossible – you can too.
a level psychology revision

How Far Can You Go? Even Cambridge..

Cloran went from scraping C’s to getting an A and into Cambridge university! she sent this in as a thank you! :)
is a level psychology hard

From Epic Fail To Awesome Victory.

Turning near certain failure to epic high-fiving victory.
aqa a level psychology specification

I'm losing count of the A*'s now..

Thousands of students have achieved A – A* grades and far better than they expected.
how to revise a level psychology

Trusted By Thousands Of Students & Teachers

Thousands of A level students and teachers trust Loopa resources for AQA A psychology.
 a level psychology syllabus

Elle did it too!

Elle smashed the 2016 exams too !
a level psychology revision notes

Anyone can achieve this. Even YOU.

It’s amazing what you can do with the right direction and focus, even in a short time frame.
a level psychology revision websites

Guidance is key..

Covering the new AQA psychology specification which started being taught from September 2015. All resources up to date.
 aqa a level psychology revision

Ellie & her friends did pretty well..

All three scored A* grades…that’s pretty nuts! They took the time to send this in after results day :)
aqa psychology 7181 7182 revision

Jess scored 100% in her second year! Insane.

If scoring 100% in your second year sounds insane…well..Jess just did it with Loopa resources!

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Now We Get Started! Which Unit Shall We Master First?

Unit 1

I’m Studying AS Or A Level Unit 1
Lets Revise Unit 1
My A* Model Essays For Every Unit 1 Question For AS and A Level Above Will Help! Check Them Out!

Unit 2

I’m Studying AS Or A Level Unit 2
Unit 2 Help Please!
This A* Model Essays Ebook For Unit 2 Has Every Essay Question For AS and A Level Covered!

Unit 3

I’m Studying A Level Unit 3
Make That Unit 3
This A* Model Essays Ebook For Unit 3 covers the aggression topic for 7182 (A level psychology). You can download it instantly by clicking this image. More topics are coming soon.

Were currently undergoing a major update adding new content for the new 2016/17 academic year. Resource purchases all work fine! Any questions or issues contact me and I'll gladly help! - Saj :)

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