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aqa psychology unit 1 model essay answers

Unit 1 For AS & A level

This ebook covers your unit 1 exam for AS and A level psychology with model essay answers for every question.

aqa psychology unit 2 model essay answers

Unit 2 For AS & A level

This ebook covers your unit 2 exam for AS and A level psychology with model essay answers for every question.

aqa psychology unit 3 aggression model essay answers 7182

Aggression Model Essays For Unit 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering unit 3 Aggression For A level psychology students. A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

aqa psychology unit 3 Schizophrenia model essay answers 7182

Schizophrenia Model Essays For Unit 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering unit 3 Schizophrenia For A level psychology students. A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

aqa psychology relationships model essay answers

Relationship Model Essays For Paper 3 A level Students (Yr 13)

Covering Relationships For Paper 3 - A* Model essay answers to hit the top band for every question.

About Me

A little about me..

Saj Devshi AQA Psychology A* StudentMy names Saj and I started Loopa psychology. After a bit of mulling around on what to do with my spare time due to a football injury that sidelined me for about a year, I decided to spend it by taking up an A Level in a subject that interested me. I chose A Level Psychology because it was related to the field of work I did and I figured this would make it easier in some ways to learn. It didn’t at all really.

I would say I was of average intelligence at school but certainly not really academically focused with my grades being very average. I figured since I’m dedicating time to this I would try and give it 100% so at least I can measure how well I could have done if I was more focused.

After having done so well in these exams and scoring an A* grade I have come to realise one thing. Intelligence is measured proportionate to the amount of motivation and effort you put into something. There is no such thing as one person being smarter than another I think – its simply about motivation and drive and how one person is more driven to learn and endure than another.

I found a local charity that was also an exam centre in Leicester offering tuition that had opened up only 5 months prior within my area and rang them. They said they didn’t teach A level psychology but I could enter myself as a private candidate nevertheless just for the exams. I turned up a few days later and met with the chap that ran it whose name was Hash – I have since gone on to become good friends with him and after his charity helped me improve my own education, what little money this website makes is donated to keep it going. At this point it was the end of February 2011.

I signed up for both Psya1 and Psya2 which were scheduled for May 25th and June 7th which gave me approximately just under 3 months to learn a years worth of work. Hash looked at me at the time and asked how I was learning and I said I had simply ordered books off Amazon for the Specification and was going from there, no teachers, no guidance or advice from anyone in person. Just me, my books and the one website I visited to converse with other students ( He looked at me and told me that I was being a bit too ambitious but it was my choice. I knew he was doubtful of me doing well in the exams and feared I had just wasted £160 on exam fee’s for which I was likely to do badly in.

That changed once results day came as he knew what I had achieved. I had managed to score 83ums for Psya1 (A Grade) and 90ums (A Grade) for Psya2 with less than 3 months worth of revision and no teachers (while working full time 40 hours per week).

He was shocked and asked me how I did it. I told him it was nothing but hard work and revising almost every moment I had free every day and that was the truth. There wasn’t any quick fix technique or secret but it was simply down to focus and hard work and writing great notes. Writing was always one of my stronger areas, I had gained an A* in GCSE English but never bothered to follow this up at A level instead opting for other subjects.

For Papers 1 + 2 (Psya1, Psya2) I had only 3 months to learn both of them so I had to come up with a way to do this, a way that would be efficient and I’ve outlined how I did this in my AS Psychology Revision Video here on my homepage.

aqa psychology A* certificate

A* grade with 373/400 ums and 100% at A2.

Hash wasn’t so doubtful when I signed up for my Psya3 exam which I chose to sit in the January window (before they removed this) and I decided I would sit Psya4 separately in the June window as doing both while juggling full-time work would be too difficult. Plus the amount of content you are expected to learn was pretty insane to do both. In the end I ended up achieving 100 ums for Psya3 and 100 ums for Psya4 with a final score of 373/400 ums – this worked out as an A* grade with a score that fell within the top 2-3% of marks within the UK for A level Psychology.

Don’t get me wrong, many students score such a great grade however I suppose what made this achievement special was I was all self-taught while working 40 hours per week. No guidance, no advice – just me and some textbooks I bought from Amazon.

In some ways this is actually why this website and my materials have been so successful; as I have had to teach myself from the ground up its given me a strong foundation in understanding exactly what students need to know and what they don’t need to know. This is probably why my resources have also proven so popular as they are direct and to the point teaching students from the ground up from the perspective of someone who is new to learning Psychology. I think this is something many teachers forget a great deal of the time through their years of teaching the subject, they lose that perspective in terms of what its like to be someone new to the subject.

When I received my results and fed back my scores on the student room forum something strange happened – I kept getting emails from students and even teachers asking me for help on recreating such a high grade. It was then I wrote my resources and ebooks to help students and teachers recreate this same success and since 2012 I have helped literally thousands of students achieve some fantastic grades and get into their chosen universities.

The resources are written to help students save time on revision but also understand each of the topics more easily too. No nonsense or waffle – just quality information that is direct and to the point. My goal is to keep releasing free content for students and make psychology a much more accessible and enjoyable subject for all to learn.

What am I doing now?

I spend most my time working in my day job, day dreaming and being a husband. Recently I have become a father to a beautiful little girl who has become the centre of my world and I spend every spare moment I have with her. When I can get away I come here to Loopa Psychology at least once a day to help other students and write more resources, make videos and make a difference.


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